“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it.” - Steve Jobs

Speaking in Israel next month – Jan 9th – for UPA Israel

I'll be giving an updated and revised version of my "What is rich? Why do rich?" presentation next month for UPA Israel on Jan 9th @ 6:30p. The link below has the announcement in Hebrew. I hope to have it in English soon and will post here. My talk will ...

Jonas Lwgren to speak in Stockholm, Sweden for Local IxDA

Jonas Lwgren, mentioned in an earlier posting this week, will be discussing aesthetics of IxD, at a presentation to the Sweden IxDA local group in Stockholm, Sweden on Dec. 11. Here's the announcement. Wish I could be there.

World Usability Day by David Armano

I was going to try to do my own tribute to World Usability Day ... But David, of Logic+Emotion, did it better than I ever could. My version would be more like ... 1. Users are never wrong. It follows the adage of the customer is always right. But this goes the ...

UIE Web Application Summit

The UI11 conference isn't even over yet, and UIE announces their next event: Web Application Summit in Monterey, CA, where the Bill & Dave show will do a repeat performance and much more. The event will be January 21-23, 2007. See you at Canary Row and the home of Steinbeck!.

UI11 Presentation Decks available for your pleasure

Designing Powerful Web Applications with AJAX and Other RIAs - Full Day Workshop UI11 - Cambridge, MA - October 9, 2006 What is "Rich"? Why do "Rich"? - 90 Min. Talk UI11 - Cambridge, MA - October 109, 2006 There will be audio of the 90min. talk available soon. I'll post at an update ...

Order the Proceedings to UI11 and get notes for my talk

As I mentioned in an earlier posting. I'll be speaking at UI11 this year. The Proceedings for UI11 are available for you to order (whether or not you attend the conference). My workshop on Designing RIAs with Bill Scott and my short talk about why RIAs are relevant for IxD are ...

I’m speaking at UI11 this October

Bill Scott, from Yahoo, and I will be teaching a 1-day workshop at UI11 in Cambridge, MA on Oct 9, 2006. The rest of this amazing conference is the entire week. We will be teaching a workshopt entitled, Designing Powerful Web Applications using AJAX and RIAs. (description below) If you'd like to ...

IA Summit 2007 Call for Proposals is now open

IA Summit Call for Proposals is open. Give it your best shot ... See you in Las Vegas -- Dave IA Summit - Call for proposals The Information Architecture Summit is a premier gathering place for information architects and for discussion about information architecture. Everyone who touches on IA is welcome ...

IxD Symposium, and the IA Summit

Ok, so now that i pushed out my final material to be printed for the Summit, I'm really excited about all aspects of it. Here are the various places where I am actively participating. the IxD Symposium by IxDA - This full day pre-conference to the Summit on March 23rd, is ...

IxD Symposium at the IA Summit (23 March 2006 – Vancouver, BC, Canada)

The IxD Symposium is a one-day pre-conference event that focuses on the IxD discipline and its relationships with IA. The two disciplines are closely connected, and many individual practitioners have an overlapping set of skills and job roles. Whether IAs are already doing IxD as part of their job, working ...

BarCamp in NYC

BarCamp an "unconference" as the organizers of the orginal in Palo Alto called it has been organized in NYC in January. Check out the details here. I particularly like the organizing a conference on a wiki.

I’ll be speaking at the IDSA 2005 National Conference

I will be presenting with Robert Reimann (more about Robert below) the Interaction Design Track seminar at the IDSA 2005 National Conference: reAction.

IxDG Resource Library

Yesterday, the Interaction Design Group (IxDG) announced the launch of their new Resource Library. What makes this resource so special is that it is a publicly contributed to, edited, annotated resource. The IxDG press release is included here.

i know

So I find a "penny" like thing on the floor in Union Square that on one side says, something like "All the Facts" and then on the other side it says www.iknow.tv. I don't want to give anything away ... But you gotta find out, to get in the "know".

livlab.com: IA Summit Recordings

Livia Labate graciously posted her recordings from the IA Summit on her site @ http://livlab.com/archives/000018.html Even my presentation is there if you want to listen to it.

IA Summit – I’ll be there — and Lots of IxDers

The Information Architecture Summit will be in Montreal this year from March 3rd to the 7th at the Queen E (Fairmont) Hotel. I will be making a version of the presentation I gave in NYC in October. I'm helping to organize a social event on Sunday night of the Summit for ...

Making UX Play and Work Together (3/15 @ 7p in NYC)

A UXnet Panel Discussion: How UX Plays (and Works) Together What I do that you don't - and vice versa - and how we can work together better Keynoted and Moderated by Louis Rosenfeld* Panelists*: Mark Hurst, Whitney Quesenbery, Josh Seiden, James Spahr, and Conor Brady Where: Tuesday, March 15; 7-9p Where: Parsons Design Lab @ 55 ...

IxDG NYC Nov. 18th event — “Violate Standards” with Josh Seiden

Our monthly event in NYC. This month Josh will take you beyond standards.

February 19th 2015
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My Google Story from Interaction15 Week

Storytelling and Interaction Design – Talk

Here is the talk I gave at From Business to Buttons 2014 this month in Stockholm. It was a wonderfully produced day-long event that left everyone begging for more. This talk is about how Storytelling as a framework for Interaction Design can be very useful not just in explaining design, ...

Re-looking at T-types and collaboration in UX

Rethinking my T-type (maybe even my I-type) against the commodity, firmness, desirability framework ala Vitruvius. I’m pretty much focused on commodity, utility or usefulness. This doesn't mean I don't understand the greater whole that the triumvirate express together so well. It means that my self-admitted mindset and bias focuses my attention ...

Why I create stories as an interaction designer

1. I play act in my mind, in my sketches, in my physical play possibilities where structure doesn't only map against the frame of narrative, but the framework for how we process experiences. 2. The written words and pictures are crafted artifacts from which to evaluate realism of personas (characters); contexts (setting), ...

Thoughts on code, programming, design, production, development, technology and Oh! Design

I apologize for throwing this 4000 word essay out there like this. I thought and thought and just didn't know where else to put it. I hope someone enjoys it. Yesterday a very respected colleague, who I also call friend (not in that Facebook way, but in that pre-Internet kinda-way), wrote ...


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