“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it.” - Steve Jobs

Disenfranchisement Through Technology

Ok, I’m interrupting the flow of things a bit. I had this whole idea lined up about “digital design” and the lack of commune in its sphere and NOW I’m just pissed so here ya go …

My vote doesn’t count. It hasn’t counted for a long time. It hasn’t counted for so many people this all important election year.

By the time the election came to my state during the primary, my favorite candidate was axed. No real vote for me there. And now 2 days before the election I’m told that whether or not I go to the polls will mean 0, nada, or otherwise not add any value to the system.

But not just my vote has been lost. But my voice. There is no dialog, no engagement, no discourse going on at the national level in my universe. Not one candidate has come here, I mean they don’t even come to fundraise. (I guess they the donators respect that they have to go elsewhere.)

Why is this all a technological problem? Why isn’t it just that we don’t have a populist electoral system (like the rest of the democratic world)? It’s about the danm polls. Polling has become such a strong part of our system and the technology used to not only conduct and calculate polls, but also communicate them have reached such a level that we have begun to just rely on them. I mean why have the election?

So because of polling (which is really about statistical probability,and not about reality) the discourse of this country is now in the hands (these last days) of 6 – 10 states deemed “battle ground states”.

What this means is that the urban center of this nation is completely disenfranchised. Why? because the states with the highest populations only get 50% +1 of their votes to count. We could have another 10-20% of the vote for a candidate, but those are meaningless. This isn’t just that I’m a Kerry fan (well an anti-Bush fan), and I know that vast #’s of votes will not be applied to the process. But I actually realized that minorities are being played.

I was watching the news today and it said something like, minority votes have changed in Bush’s favor. Ok, but will that “stastic” have any real effect? I mean minorities live in predominantly democratic states like NY, IL, and CA, so if the black-vote for example would edge slightly toward Bush, it would need to do so in states like FL and MI that are still up for grabs (Michael Moore should be ashamed of that reality). If it isn’t THOSE black voters then it really doesn’t matter, eh?

I would like to propose a moratorium on all polling between the conventions and the election. Lets let the people actually vote on election day, and force the candidates to create a discourse everywhere in this nation, instead of in less than 20% of the nation.

On a separate note, geographically speaking, if you go to the NY Times site and look at their map of states and which candidate is winning in that state, it is clear that this is not one nation “under [whatever]” any longer. There is the West, the North East, Illinois and the rest of the country. This is NOT reasonable to me.

Ok, this rant is over …

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