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Speech to SMS – Samsung, what were you think?

Samsung has just introduced it’s new phone, the P207. It’s primary exciting feature is that you can talk into it, and it will create an SMS message for you (text).

My question for the ages is, “WHY!!!!”.

First off, I think it is damn cool that Samsung has put really good voice recognition (still requires discreet-word speech, though) into something as small as the average cellphone.

But after that little disclaimer, I think the idea is a bust. I do need help typing, and dialing, but not SMS messages. Speech is just way too public, and the whole point of SMS is to be a private and discreet form of communication.

I understand that a company doesn’t want to follow the crowd, but in this case, companies like LG, Nokia and T-Mobile’s Sidekick are in a better direction. Put the power into the mobility and use form changes to make typing easier. If the Sidekick was a bit smaller, it would be knock out. See here for those examples:


Nokia 6800

LG F9100

Playing with different ways to orient better more compact screen/keyboard layouts, is really the right direction.

Speech recognition is a great thing. I wish my phone’s speech recognition for dialing worked a heck of a lot better than it does. Oh well!

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  • http://www.userfaction.com Justine

    It makes sense to me… (and yet, I don’t usually get that excited by speech recognition…)

    1. Texting is way cheaper than making a phone call (down here in NZ, my cell phone company has just started free texting at weekends)
    2. Typing a text can be a pain… (unless you’re a teenager)
    3. I can think of several scenarios where it would be handy to be able to speak into your phone to send a text; e.g. whilst driving a car (there is apparently an increasing number of car accidents due to texting whilst driving – stupid, I know, but there you go…)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some user research behind this…


  • http://caseyg.id.au/ Casey Glass

    Hi Dave,

    It might sound silly at first, but speech to text is a great idea! How people have had accidents driving cars and writing text message at the same time?

    I’m sceptical of Samsungs ability to do a sepech to text interface that ‘just works’ but I think its an iniative that is well worth pursuing.

  • http://synapticburn.com David

    hmmm? the Car scenario … that is a good one. Thanx!


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