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IxDG Announces Intent to officially corporate + long term strategy

The Interaction Design Group (IxDG) announced that it will become a formal not-for-profit organization and explains its new purpose and strategy for achieving it.

I have been helping IxDG grow for close to 2 solid years now, and am very proud that a group of 14 energized, intelligent, talented, and passionate designers have gotten together to commit to bring IxDG alive. Below is the announcement that the new steering committee, of which I’m proud to be a continuing member of, sent out to the IxDG community.

Hello All

We’re very pleased to report to you all the latest news from the Interaction Design Group (IxDG).

Last weekend (June 17-19), a group of your peers met in Norwalk, Connecticut, to discuss the future of IxDG. Specifically, we examined the mission statement of the group and asked, “What’s next?”

Until now, IxDG has been a loosely structured group of people who are passionate about interaction design (IxD). With this informal approach, we’ve been able to sustain our vibrant IxD Discussion mailing list, launch IxDG Face to Face (F2F) meetings around the world, and build an IxD Resource Library. But this success has come on the backs of just a few hard-working volunteers. We realized we had come about as far as possible in our present form.

And so, earlier this year, the Steering Committee invited list members to apply to attend a retreat and address just these issues. A number of brave souls volunteered their time and their money to spend the weekend in Connecticut and examine the future of our group.

Our first accomplishment was a new, clear statement of purpose:

The purpose of the Interaction Design Group (IxDG) is to help improve the human condition by enhancing the quality of the behavior of artifacts, environments, and systems. To this end, it is the goal of IxDG to help interaction design practitioners–whether they be user interface designers, Web designers, user experience designers, information architects, industrial designers, or others–grow and flourish professionally by

* helping practitioners understand how the design of behavior fits into existing design and development processes
* helping practitioners provide the highest possible value to stakeholders and users
* fostering a vibrant community and facilitating knowledge exchange between members
* empowering and inspiring practitioners to discover, innovate, mentor, and evangelize the process, attributes, and results of interaction design

Next, we put on our designer hats and envisioned a wide range of initiatives to support this purpose. In the coming months, well be reaching out to you to help us

* improve and integrate our Resource Library and IxD Discussion
* enhance our local F2F meetings and improve the connections between our local groups and our online community
* make better use of our large, but largely untapped, pool of volunteers
* make it easier to contribute to the Resource Library
* show our strong support of the ideals of UXnet (http://uxnet.org/) by coordinating our efforts with other user experience groups

Of course, this is only Phase I. Put twelve designers in a room, and youll get some pretty ambitious ideas. Phases II and III look pretty cool!

So, what’s next? In the next few months, well incorporate IxDG as a non-profit entity, expand and restructure our leadership, and reach out to all of you who would like to get involved in some way. Well keep you posted along the way.

What do you think? Let us know either by going to http://contact.ixdg.org and sending us a message.

Thanks for your interest in IxDG.

The IxDG Steering Committee

Micah Alpern eBay Inc.
Mauro Cavalletti – Organic
Lisa deBettencourt – Bose Corporation
Pabini Gabriel-Petit – Spirit Softworks
Lada Gorlenko – IBM
David Heller – IntraLinks
Kevin Narey – gedas (VW Group)
Greg Petroff – New York Stock Exchange
Frank Ramirez – Consultant: Yahoo & Walmart.com
Robert Reimann – Bose Corporation
Carrie Ritch – Fusion Productions
Dan Saffer – Adaptive Path
Josh Seiden – 36 Partners
Luke Wroblewski – LukeW Interface Designs & eBay Inc.

(Organization names are for purposes of identity only.)

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