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I am disgusted to be an American Today

I usually stay away from Politics, but this touches home way too much today. Can we really allow paranoia to begin to set customer service policy in our travel?

What sparks this usual design blogger to post such a set of political questions?

Yesteday through the glory of Digg.com I came across this posting which just shocked and amazed me.

The cruxt of the story is that a man wearing a peace shirt that had Arabic and English writing on it was told to remove his shirt or otherwise hide the “offensive” language. He happened to be a naturalized US citizen of Arab desent. Airport security and a representative from JetBlue could not substantiate their request with any legal cause, but cited that customers have complained about the man since his entry into the terminal.

The seeming background to this story is that post the British attack attempt there was a group of passenger on a British charter from Malaga to London who refused to get on a plane on 2 men of Middle Eastern appearance. It was advertised in the media as a mutiny that the airline capitulated to by re-assigning the people in question to a different flight.

I am appalled that this could also happen in the US considering our history around similar topics. Where does this end? Should I take off my Hebrew shirts in the subway of NYC? Can I not where I a Che Guavera t-shirt when going to the top of the Empire State Building? What about my Hebrew and Arabic peace stickers on my guitar case?

An airline like JetBlue of all airlines to treat a human being like this, just seems like really bad brand management. It seems you really are an airline first and a customer service company second. See! I got the design angle in there.

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