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IA Summit 2007 Call for Proposals is now open

IA Summit Call for Proposals is open. Give it your best shot … See you in Las Vegas — Dave

IA Summit – Call for proposals

The Information Architecture Summit is a premier gathering place for information architects and for discussion about information architecture. Everyone who touches on IA is welcome to share and learn. Last year’s IA Summit attracted over 500 attendees, including beginners,
experienced IAs, and people in a range of related fields.

In this call, we seek proposals for presentations, panels, research, pre-conference workshops & posters.

All proposals can address core IA principles, emerging trends and technologies, or the business of IA. We are also interested in cross-disciplinary contributions to the practice of IA from related fields such as library science, user experience, interaction design, and user centered design. Sessions may address core IA skills or advanced IA topics.

We encourage submissions from practitioners, academics, and students. We also love hearing from developers, business analysts, managers, and others who work with information architects and/or information architecture.

We also seek research papers. Submissions in this format should makeempirical or theoretical contributions to information architecture. You do not have to be affiliated with an academic institution to submit a research paper.

For more information please see:

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