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Spivot is launched

Spivot: Feeding mediaCheck out this new social feed aggregator that the folks at Involution Studios put together.

This is the description from Dirk Knemeyer one of its creators:


* User-friendly layout and navigation. Looks and feels like a newspaper, not a feed reader. Yet, has more power, customization and easy access to raw sources than traditional feed readers.

* Full integration of mainstream and blog content. While you can choose to only look at traditional Sources or Blogs, our Topics bring them altogether in a nice, happy mix. Then, filtering from there – or even just zeroing in on one of our thousands of pre-programmed sources – is one-click easy.

* True multimedia content. So far we have only surfaced video and text integration, but it introduces a really interesting integrated media experience. Search for Tiger Woods and see what happens. (Don’t worry: we’re working on the video lag issue right now)

* Powerful filters that give YOU control of your content. While our default is Most Recent content – taking a traditional News-focused view – with a single click you can check out the Most Read or the Highest Rated stories. *You* choose what to look at and how.

* Explore Related Media. Each story includes its own page with a long list of stories that relate to the topic of the selected story. You can always dig deeper to get a full view of the news.

* Social news features. The ability to rate, email and comment on stories are included baseline features. While our Ratings method is currently only on the Explore Related Media view, this will shortly surface across the entire site. It is through our user ratings that we truly empower democratization of content and priority, a la Digg.

* Traditional Feed Reader functionality. In My Stuff, Spivot members can set up any feeds they want, organized the way they want them. As with the rest of Spivot, they won’t need to consume them one feed at a time: they can “mash” them together into a unique, combined “newspaper-style” view.

* Up-to-the-minute updates. Spivot will surface stories almost simultaneously with the original content creator.

* “Powers of Ten”. Designers Charles and Ray Eames used the “Powers of Ten” metaphor to show how your perception changes as you are nearer to or farther away from something. One of my favorite things to do with Spivot is to explore media in a Powers of Ten sort of way. I start by picking the Sources tab and clicking on the Newspapers link underneath it. This gives me a content mix of over 60 stories from ten of the top western newspapers to peruse and explore. Then I start clicking into each of the 10 newspapers, one at a time. The experience of getting an overview of the news from many sources – before quickly, easily and in the same interface being able to drill directly into each specific source, one after the other – is a media experience that I really enjoy and have not seen anywhere else.

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