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Annouoncing the complete program for IxDA Interaction08 | Savannah

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) is very pleased to announce its full slate of speakers for its first annual conference (SCAD).

Joining keynote and session speakers Alan Cooper, Bill Buxton, Sigi Moeslinger, Malcolm McCullough, Jared Spool, Regine Debatty, Dan Brown, Molly Wright Steenson, Aza Raskin, Sarah Allen, Jenny Lam, and Matt Jones are 21 international Lightning Session speakers discussing a wide range of topics:

Kars Alfrink, More Than Useful: A Framework for Playful Products
Gretchen Anderson (Lunar), Concept Ideation and IxD
Jonathan Aronwitz (Google), Effective Prototyping Methods
Chris Bernard (Microsoft), Classic Design Movements and IxD: Kissing Cousins?
Doug Bolin (Avenue A|Razorfish), Help Me! A New Approach to Support Interactions
Chris Conley (Gravity Tank), Dramatic Features in Interaction Design
Dave Cronin (Cooper), Design for Flow
Anh Dang and Nirali Patel (Avenue A|Razorfish), Designing Information
Bill DeRouchey (Ziba), Conversations with Everyday Objects
Carl DiSalvo (Georgia Tech), Interaction Design for Community Empowerment
Andrew Hieronymi (SCAD), Self-Conscious Gaming
Morten Hjerde (mBricks), Designing for the Other 99%
Saskia Idzerda (Media Catalyst), Redesigning Sony-Ericssons Product Catalog
Matthew McCool (Southern Polytechnic SU), Optimizing the International User Experience
Yasser Rashid (BBC), Visualizing Radio
Sajid Saiyed (Phillips), New Interaction Model for a Modular Personal Infotainment System
Michele Tepper (frog), Interaction Across Disciplines
Liu Wei (Motorola), Tangible Interaction Design
Gabriel White (frog), Ethics of Everyday Design
Susan Wyche (Georgia Tech), Fieldwork and Sketching: Translating Research Themes into Conceptual Designs

Lightning session presenters hail from the United States, The UK, The Netherlands, Norway, China, and India.

In addition to these speakers, a set of pre-conference workshops will be taught by industry experts Marc Rettig and Jenna Date, Darja Isaksson, Jeff Patton, and Todd Warfel.

For the complete schedule and to register, please see the conference website: http://interaction08.ixda.org

Early bird registration has been extended to December 15, 2008. The rates are $499 before December 15th and $599 after. Students get in at $299. 1/2 day workshops are $250 each.

Savannah is one of Americas finest small cities, filled with historic homes, cobbled streets, gothic graveyards, and pirate haunts, as well as art galleries, hip bars, and both modern and traditional Southern restaurants. Direct flights can be had from Boston, New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Frequent flights connect Savannah to Atlanta, a major transportation hub. Highs in February average 64F/18C.

We hope to see you there!

The Interaction08 Conference Committee

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