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Interaction 09 | Vancouver

interaction '09 | Vancouver - Feb 5-8, 2009

Well, it is time to do the thing.

Interaction08 | Savannah was an amazing event. Over the remainder of the past year I have gone back to much of the content to inspire me or better give me direct support on my current on going work.

While Interaction09 | Vancouver (Ix09) is not going to be a repeat of the content of Ix08, it is proving to be a formidable contenter towards overthrowing the tremendous experience that Ix08 brought to the conference going circle.

We have brought many new voices like John Thackara (a keynote I’m most excited to meet and listen to) while taking people core to our community like Dan Saffer and giving him his rightful place center stage in OUR community conference.

But it all starts with the workshops.
First, there is my workshop, which honestly is slightly under attended so if you want to attend, you better register now, b/c after the new year we might cancel it. We (the program organizers) thought that we should have an “Introduction to Interaction Design” for the community. What are the core fundamentals of interaction design? What are the basic methods for practice of interaction design? The course is geared towards IAs moving into the IxD space and for developers and program/project/product managers who want to learn the basics of interaction design. It is also for junior level interaction designers who want to familiarize themselves with more of the fundametals.

But there are other great workshops. I’m sorry to say but as of right now the Gesture Design workshop by Dan Saffer & Bill Derouchy is sold out. (Keep an eye out though as we might make more room).

Other exciting workshops abound. I’m going to pick my faves from each section.

The speakers are just amazing

But many can’t come to the workshops for money and time reasons, but the main reason to come anyway are the amazing speakers.

Some of the keynotes
From Fiona Raby of the Royal College of Art’s Designing Interactions program, to a classic praticioner/researcher, Marc Rettig and as noted above John Thackara from Doors of Perception.

Invited speakers I’m excited are coming

There are 8 great invited speakers, and these are 3 of the ones I’m excited to see.

  • Robert Fabricant – (“Irrational Behavior”) Executive Creative Director in the frog design New York office, Robert has been teaching at ITP NYU and now at SVA’s new Masters of Fine Arts in Interaction Design.
  • Christina Wodtke – (“Designing the Viral Ap”) One of the founders of the
  • Leisa Rechtl – (Session TBD) Is one of my favorite thinkers, twitters, & bloggers about interactive design.

Lightning round

As you may know we had about 160 submissions for the less than 30 spots for Lightning Round speakers. The content goes from Social Media Interaction Design to Gestural Interfaces and back again. There are cases studies and rich theory. Most importantly there are lots of opportunities to engage your peers, learn a ton and all help advance interaction design.


This conference is set to be like last year, one of the best UX conferences of the year.  Whitney Hess did an amazing job of blogging last year’s conference in near real time.  Core77 also did a great job covering the entire conference. (You’ll need to use the arrow keys flipping right [foward] to flip through all the postings. There is unfortunately no “index” of postings and they dont seem to tag/categorize their postings.  But I collected them for you here.)

There are some 120 other del.icio.us bookmarks using the tag “interaction08”. Take a look.  I’m very confident that 2009 is looking even better than 2008 (and I was the chair of 2008).

Take action

See ya there!

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