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Survey: Titles for Interaction Design Education

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  • Josephine

    I’m interested in seeing the results of your research/survey.

  • Jeff

    Savannah College of Art and Design’s program is an MFA, correct? I think knowing that makes a difference for this question because it helps to color our understanding of the emphasis of the program. I’d think that an MFA in Interactive Design or an MFA in Interface Design makes sense. As an additional datapoint, the University of Cincinnati offers a renowned Digital Design BS (and I think an MS); that makes a degree in Digital Product Design a potential fit.

  • Jeff

    Also, see Stefan Holmlid’s paper “Interaction Design and Service Design: Expanding a Comparison of Design Disciplines,” in which the author distinguishes between Interaction Design as defined by Richard Buchanan and Interaction Design (which Holmlid calls IxD, for clarity) as understood by most other practitioners.

  • Alistair Regan

    Hi David –its a very interesting issue.
    I went through the Interaction Design Programme in Umea, Sweden. I always felt the title was right but people hiring graduates were not understanding – as it felt to me the name had been taken already by a group doing something much narrower (basically screen design/ web sites/ programme interfaces) (i’m not complaining –its life). Whereas our programme was about ‘interaction’ in the case of any products and services – my own direction has led me more to organisational design / interaction of parst etc…
    so my answer to the question of what should it be, is — what are you doing? — if you feel the name is right then teh task is to reducate the rest of the world!! –best wishes
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  • dave

    @Jeff We are starting 3 programs in our industrial design department starting in the fall:
    1) MFA in Service Design
    2) BFA in Service Design
    (both of these are NOT the IxD program I’m referring to in the survey above).
    3) MA in Sustainable Design

    What I’m looking at with this survey is the creation of (and this may answer @alistair’s question) the future creation of a Masters program (might be an MFA, might be a Masters of Design) in “Interaction Design” and we want to do it in the way that you were taught. Really the design of the responses of any system, service, or product in listening for triggers through human and system initiation. Ya know? Interaction Design.

    @Jeff, I’ll definitely look at the article you mentioned.

    One thing we are trying to do is differentiate ourselves from a web/software IA/IxD and more of the Product/Service/Organization/Eco-system/Behavioral design IxD.

  • http://www.udanium.com Uday

    Just please don’t call it a “master’s in user experience” or “master’s in UCD”, etc. :-)

  • dave

    notice neither of those were options. ;-)
    I do have some pride.

  • NancyF


    I’ve looked at the answers several times, checked and unchecked various choices. I know particular departments at specific institutions and would be confident about BA/BS or MA or MFA students from those programs having good preparation, with varying strengths or weaknesses (more technical in the computer side, more accomplished in the aesthetic side, and/or more conscious of the cogntive/behavioral side). The name of the program by itself is not the determining factor.

  • http://www.aol.com Milissa Tarquini

    Dave– This survey made my day. Nothing has changed it seems– whenever someone in our industry starts a new gig, they have to go to great lengths to describe what it is that we do and what we should be called. Good luck, and I’d love to hear how the survey turns out.


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