“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it.” - Steve Jobs

Business to Buttons: Malmö, Sweden (see you there?)

So today I went to http://businesstobuttons.com/ and finally saw the new updated site for this year’s conference. There are a few European conferences that year after year get a special mix of presenters and workshop leaders and THIS one always had my attention. More than Shift or Lift, I have always wanted to go. Maybe it is because of the special mix of organizers (inUse, Ergonomidesign, and Malmö University) who are able to combine their diverse points of view and bring together such a special group of speakers. I don’t know how they have done it so consistently year after year. I’m just so excited that @niklasw invited me and accepted my crazy idea for a talk.

Some people at Interaction 09 | Vancouver may have heard me say that I’m going to Malmö this summer for this conference. I know I might have come across as bragging a bit. But my jubilation at attending this event is not so much ego as it is FINALLY getting to check off that box that has been on my travel sheet since I was a little boy to go to Scandinavia. I have dreamed of the halls of Valhalla since I was a little boy (1 too many episodes of Thor, or something like that). My interest only increased the older I got, and the closer to design I became. Was it the story of how Denmark protected almost all of its Jews? The Swedish entrepreneur who used his industrial backings to save even more? Yea, that played into as well. So I hope people don’t confuse being giddy as a boy in a comic book store with arrogance and bragging. If you did see it as bragging, I’m sorry.

So today I finally got to see the list of speakers who will be joining me. What is so interesting is that 3 of them are people whom I interviewed with through my career to work FOR them. I’m humbled to be speaking as a peer with this group and feel like I’ll be as much an attendee as a speaker at this event.

As for me, I’m coming up with a completely new talk I’d like to share. It helps if you are a music fan such as myself (see just below here). I’m also doing my workshop, “Sketching for Interaction Design” which I’m also hoping to do in other spots in Northern Europe if time and money permits.

Anyway, here is the talk I’ll be doing, and do be sure to check out the links for speakers and the rest of the conference I spattered above:

“What’s going on” to “We’re not gonna take it”

The customer of yesterday focused on quality differentiation. The customer of today assumes quality as a given.

The new differentiators are beyond quality and usability, but is directly related to holistic aesthetic design consideration.

Designers bring a new level of “fit” to this new class of products and services. They imbue stories that engage and delight. Surrounding all this is depth, connectedness, and individual expression, that adds up to the “soul” of a design.

Achieving this level of design is hard work. But even more, it requires a rich and rigorous understanding of the make up of interaction design as the design of situations, and of behavior of products as they respond to human interfacing.

How to get there is through a rich understanding of design foundations as the core tools and language for communicating this holistic vision.

Let’s look at what all this means practically for your product and services and explore them together in conversation.

Thanx again to @niklasw and the rest of the organizing team for From Business to Buttons. I can’t wait to see all my new Scandinavian friends when I’m there this June. I’m also planning on staying a few days before the conference in Copenhagen and after the conference in Stockholm.

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