“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it.” - Steve Jobs

Summer camp for a professor = consulting

This summer I need to go to camp. Yup. Like the young school teachers who turned camp counselors over the summer, I too need a job.

So let me talk a little bit about what I can do for y’all.


  1. Do Interaction Design work. UI Design work on web, software, embedded and hardware. This would work best in the scenario where your team is not formally trained in ui design, ia, or ixd practices and need that extra nudge to get them over the edge and produce better work, but you can’t afford to hire new blood during these times permanently.
  2. Do mentoring with your team combined remote & in person. What this means is that I can work with your team and give them guidance, and instruction on process and criticism to make what they deliver 1st class. This works best for a young start up UX team that needs a higher level design director managing their work, but funds are low for such a permanent high level position, but you don’t want your quality to diminish during this hard times.

On site for short stints (less than a week at a time):

  1. The most obvious thing is a controlled workshop.
      • Sketching for IxD – This workshop is perfect for organizations that want to begin to move their UX &/or UI team towards a more design centric process of innovation & creativity. Sketching as a process is at the heart of great design thinking. It is a tool for idea generation and rapid idea validation. (1 day)
      • How to design Rich Internet Applications – Taking fundamentals of HCI & mixing it with a new understanding of the aesthetics of interaction design, this workshop will take UI Devs/Designers, IAs, and others past the basic patterns of RIA design, and towards a deeper understanding of what works in the growingly complex rich paradigms of today’s network-based applications. (1-2 days)
      • Introduction to IxD – This workshop is great for people who are in product management, business analysis, and other non-design roles such as development and information architecture, but find themselves doing interaction design as part of their jobs. They just want to know more about what they are doing.  (1/2-1 day)
    • You represent an organization that would like to have me come in and do one of my workshops that I’ve done in the past or offer something new:
    • What other organizations have suggested in the past is that I do 1 of these 1-2 day workshops, then we do an day of mentorship & critique on ongonig work within the organization.
  2. Bring me in to facilitate a design sprint for your team. What is a design sprint? It is a short term design exercise around a specific problem where a group researches, ideates, refines, tests and produces work within a short time. I’d suggest 5 biz days. (NOT 9-5). Obviously, after the sprint I can remain connected the project, remotely, if desired.

I’m also obviously open to YOUR suggestions as well.

So I know in these troubled times added expenses are hard to endure, but having temporary help to get you through times where permenant design leadership is lacking, can really save the day.

Shoot me an email! dave(dot)ixd(at)gmail(dot)com

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  • http://www.yooba.com Sven Miller

    I have a task for you this summer, and the best part is, it’s pro-bono ;-(

    We’re launching our product for public registration soon, and would love to get feedback from people like you before we do.
    Our product is a CMS for Flash content that can be added to any existing CMS. It’s all browser based and it let’s you add images, texts, sound, video, forms and animations without the need for any programming.

    If it sound interesting send me an email.



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