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Sending articles I share on Google Reader to Twitter

Yesterday, I decided after reading @fabwteets amazing links come across my timeline for about 2 weeks now, to do the same.

I have connected my Shared Articles RSS feed to Twitterfeed.com. So now whenever I share something in Google Reader, that individual post will have the title and the link reference posted to Twitter with the tag #dLink.

I share articles mostly about interaction design and all that is tangentially relevant to that topic. But sometimes there is more fun stuff, especially now you can share stuff that isn’t in your feed in Google Reader (stuff you just find, like from other’s tweets). So instead of just a retweet, I can do a retweet AND a google share.

So if you don’t already, you can find me & then follow me on twitter at this ID: @daveixd

If you don’t twitter (like you only ‘Facebook) I’m going to have an upcoming piece about why I Tweet more than Facebook and a little tutorial on what twitter is and how to own it without it owning you.

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  • http://www.robfay.com Rob Fay

    I’ve been doing it for some time now and find it is a good way to attract followers. But that’s besides the point. For me, I find it’s a good way to share on Twitter what I find interesting without always needing to spew some profound statement or bore readers with life as a daddy :)

    I’ve gone a step further and created a yahoo pipe to mix both my Google Reader shared items AND my Delicious bookmarks for a specific tag into one RSS feed. I then use Twitterfeed to post these AND I use the RSS feed to feed a Twitter plugin I have on my blog.

    Anyway, good stuff. I look forward to consuming what you find newsworthy.

  • http://www.robfay.com Rob Fay

    Oh, and one more you may find interesting – I just grabbed this last night. A way to pull the Twitter users you follow into Google Reader. That way you will have the history of their tweets for later consumption!

    Learn how to follow Twitter users in Google Reader [Scripting News – Aug 6, 2009] http://bit.ly/rk8Wg


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