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A vision for a student competition for IxDA

I’ve been asked to write up something about the Student Competition for IxDA that I’m the chair person for. Well, I think I did just that when I wrote up the vision of the competition we posted on the student competition web site.

So instead of rewriting it, I’ll just quote the whole thing here in case you missed it or you enjoyed it so much you want to read it again.

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) is committed to supporting the global community of practice for those practicing interaction design (IxD) regardless of specific roles in their day-to-day lives. As the discipline of IxD matures, the need for closer ties to design education programs that include the discipline of IxD intensifies. Every year the Interaction conference has been hosted by an educational institution with strong commitments towards creating tomorrow’s designers with a strong base in IxD. This year we want to take the next step and broaden that relationship with future practitioners by offering them both a venue to demonstrate the amazing work that is going on within education programs around the world and to receive invaluable feedback from the practice community about the relevance and quality of the work being presented. This last goal is of the utmost importance to the core constituents of IxDA; to ensure that tomorrow’s designers marry education’s goals of practical development of future practitioners and the need to create new bodies of knowledge that can be used to inform today and tomorrow’s practice.

So with this in mind, we have put together a humble beginning for a student competition in concert with Interaction 10 | Savannah. This is an open invitation to all students and recent graduates from undergraduate and graduate programs regardless of program type or location around the world. Whether you are in a program for HCI, Industrial Design, Information Architecture, Computer Science, Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Communication Design, Instructional Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Architecture, Jewelry, and of course IxD we would love to see how your work exemplifies excellence in theory and practice of IxD.

One of the driving principles of the Interaction Design Association is that we are an organization focused on the discipline of interaction design and acknowledges that the discipline is just a part of the elements that make up a great executed design. In this spirit, the competition is going to encourage students to focus on quality of their design for behavior(s) but also must demonstrate expertise in the other relevant aspects of their product & service’s design.

We are keeping this first iteration of this competition fairly open. We will accept future concept work, abstract work, and work with direct relevance to today’s practice. Good luck to all the great competitors out there.

If you are a student or a recent grad and got something to share with the IxD community, please do get to work and get ready to submit something glorious!

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