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Harley Davidson Car Design Challenge

What the heck. I’m looking for a new car. I always wanted a Harley. Why shouldn’t Harley go into the car business. I mean if Honda and Suzuki can do it, why not Harley Davidson. Combining the brand appeal that is stronger than Mini, VW, and BMW with a larger market size can’t be a bad thing.

But what would a Harley Davidson car look like? sound like? be like?

Post links to your concepts in the comments or tagged as this Tweet suggests. #hdcar

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  • feadog

    I can’t resist.

    1. V-8 for louder engine noise and vibration
    2. No windshield wipers (because you’re never going to drive it in the rain, anyway)
    3. Comes with a flat-bed truck so you can transport it to club events
    4. Steering wheel a foot above your head
    5. Driver’s seat permanently reclined
    6. Optional chrome & leather fringe packages
    7. The only car that increases in value when you drive it off the lot
    8. Four-year waiting list
    9. List price for mid-sized sedan: $56,000 (not including truck)
    10. Klaxon


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